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    merrington fishery....


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    merrington fishery....

    Post by keithw on Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:50 am

    MERRINGTON FISHERY..... a nine acre lake in the heart of the shropshire farming countryside.. i fished this water earlier in the yr, swims/places need to be booked in advance by phoning the owner...i felt a little let down by the water , after a short drive from stoke to the lake ,i found the lake busy with all the 18 swims full , even tho we had booked 3 swims..after a short walk round we found most ppl were pulling off at dinner even tho we had been told we could fish from 7 am...eventually we manage to find 3 decent swims, to be honest it was a bit of a dampener to the beginning to our 2 day session..

    The swims were a little worn and some a little tight, but there is plenty of water to go at in front of ya, the fish are in good condition with quite a few 20`s to go at..

    The parking is close to the lake , but a barrow is needed to get to the far pegs...

    There is a shop in the near by village and also a chip shop which also sell kebabs...about 5 mins drive

    There is also a tap onsite to fill your water carriers...

    The hut was shut, whilst we was fishing, we was also told the ppl who did breakfasts had also stopped making them, not sure if this has been started back up...this didnt effect us as we had our own stuff.


    The fishing was a little slow , but thats not the fishery s fault, the lake is in a stunning area and a pleasant place to fish ..i manages a mid double common and the 2 other ladsi was with also caught mid doubles as well...
    The owners daughter calls round to collect the money and is a pleasant enough person...

    Not a bad water as day tickets go and i have heard the swims have now been refurbished...i enjoyed the session aprt from the beginning...

    i found a light scattering of boilies around the hookbait worked well, and the pegs with the sand bar in front of them was the going pegs..think it was pegs 6 and 7, but might be wrong...

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    The Bivvy Regular

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    Re: merrington fishery....

    Post by Dan on Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:53 am

    Cracking review mate, excellent Smile

    Lovely fish too!

    Pain in the arse when you get there and everything is full (after booking up!) but atleast you got there in the end.

    A bad day on the bank is still better than a good day in the office!

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