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    Commonwood Fishery


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    Commonwood Fishery

    Post by clint4782 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:16 am

    Commonwood is a relatively new fishery situated on the outskirts of Wrexham in the rolling Welsh borders. Although only recently opened to anglers, the site has already been existence for a number of years as owner Paul Dunn wanted to allow it to mature into a peaceful paradise with established fish stocks prior to opening to visitors. It’s worked well; Paul is an angler, so knows what anglers want. Everything is thoughtfully laid out, planned to provide maximum tranquillity, and is easily accessible to those less able; a necessity in a sport which should be all inclusive.

    Entrance to the fishery is off the main A534, turning directly opposite The Holt Lodge Hotel and travelling a short distance along a minor road (Shepherds Road); it’s one of the few things in Wrexham that is easy to find! On arrival, anglers are greeted with a discreet sign which announces the venue from the roadside, and vehicle access is made simple by the double gated approach, so no scraped paintwork struggling through a narrow gap. The roadway into the site is beautifully block laid to the roomy carp ark and purpose built cafeteria block. The cafeteria is worthy of note; hot food is to be enjoyed in warm, clean surroundings with a television and reading material to keep anglers occupied whilst discussing the days fishing; clean toilets too! Plenty of space for a large number of matchmen and other visitors, so if you are after a new competitive venue, take a look here! Open match bookings are available every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

    From the carp ark, the whole site is specifically presented to minimise disturbance; separate gates lead off to other pools and parking, each ‘sector’ of the fishery is carefully screened by hedgerows to create a sense of solitude, and bailiffs are always on site to offer advice and maintain the peaceful atmosphere.

    Commonwood is designed as a mixed fishery, with something for all, regardless of skill level or experience, and Paul has the balance just right. The three coarse pools give a variety of species including tench and smaller carp, silver fish and the odd ‘lump’ to confound the match anglers. Each is pegged using appropriate materials to provide an area of hardstanding to facilitate chairs or boxes, and has enough room to accommodate a variety of tactics; pole or rod can be used with equal ease. These pools have many features, islands and mature reed beds in which to seek match winning catches, and each presents a number of different challenges.

    The ‘runs’ water (Llywelyn) gives around 4 acres to explore, with a maximum depth of 12’ and lots of underwater variables to find. The prevailing wind can have an effect on this pool, so it pays to have a good look round before settling into a peg. The depths are home to carp reaching in excess of 25lbs, which respond well to good quality boilies, meat and corn hook baits. This lake isn’t pegged out in the expected fashion which enables anglers to just pick a spot that appeals and sit within the extensive rushes to keep out of sight. I would guess that in time, certain spots will become favoured and recognisable as such, but at the moment, it looks fantastically untouched.

    The specimen lake (Snowden) has only five pegs across 3 acres. This is a deliberate act to allow big fish anglers the chance to search out a better stamp of carp without feeling crowded by others. The pool was constructed in two stages, the second stage is quickly returning to its natural state as sedges and other fauna quickly grow back, and the first part is already overgrown to provide relaxing surroundings in which to fish. This water goes to 13’; it has plenty of sun warmed shallows, and sunken islands with extensive plantings to give cover to the carp which reach over 31lbs. It’s not easy though; the pool has vast amounts of natural shrimp and other foodstuffs, so good presentation and quality baits will sort the men from the boys! I know that the stockings contained no fish under 20lbs, and as they have been piling on weight, it is only big fish that inhabit this bit of the complex; definitely worth a visit.....To fish overnight on this pool and Llywelyn, Commonwood have introduced a ‘night syndicate’ and booking system in an effort to maintain a respectable fishery; only sensible anglers allowed, and applicants must supply names, addresses, telephone contact details and a passport photo to the venue in advance, and are then issued a card which must be produced on each visit. I think it’s a great idea which can only help to protect the fish and the enjoyment of those who choose to join. The night syndicate ticket costs only £35 per year.

    Overall, Commonwood is a smashing place to go and spend a few hours getting away from it all; Paul and his team have created a picturesque fishery which caters for all types of angling, so why not pop in to find out more?
    Commonwood day tickets start from just £7.50 and the venue has a quality website; www.commonwoodfishery.co.uk

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