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    Marchamley Pools

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    Marchamley Pools

    Post by BertieBiggins on Fri May 04, 2012 5:12 am

    Situated in the gorgeous Shropshire countryside, Marchamley Pools are surrounded by rolling fields and is enriched with wildlife, offering the perfect venue to escape the rat race and be at one with nature whatever your fishing requirements. Marchamley is situated 15 miles outside of Shrewsbury, just off the A53 near Hodnet and only 27 miles from Stoke on Trent. You can drive to and park near most pegs on all three lakes which is excellent when session fishing and also offers excellent access for disabled anglers.

    There are three pools at Marchamley, offering a match pool and two specimen pools. The match pool is well stocked with Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach and Crucians all to very nice sizes. It has a lovely island feature and is very popular with pleasure fishermen, there are also some big Carp in there that rarely make an appearance but regularly snap the lighter tackle of the match men. The match lake is on your left as your enter the gates.

    The old specimen pool is directly on your right as you enter the venue and is the oldest more established of the pools. The lake is approximately 2 acres in size with three sides of the lake surrounded with trees and shrubbery, providing some lovely picturesque covered swims but also providing some testing casting conditions. With Carp to 32lb and with many 20’s and high doubles, the bivvy boys tend to monopolise this lake in search of its monsters. With it being a relatively small water and with it being quite heavily fished, it is quite a hard water, but the rewards are most certainly there. Despite it being heavily fished for Carp this lake does offer excellent sport for smaller species with some very nice specimens on offer, there are Tench to 10lb, Bream to 10lb, Barbel to 10lb, Roach over 2lb, Perch nearing the 5lb mark, Crucians and also the singular legendary 55lb Cat fish that patrols the lake. It has been many a year since he has been out, but the expectation adds to the atmosphere whilst fishing.

    The newer specimen lake is the highest of the three and has recently been extended and re-shaped. It has some lovely bays and island features and is crammed with many twenty pound carp and lots of Cat fish. As this is quite a new lake, there are no trees or anything round the banks, but in time this will develop into a gorgeous lake. This lake has been stocked with lots more big Carp in there last year, with several 20’s and many many doubles going in, so the fishing will be superb going into this summer.

    The facilities at the venue are also excellent, there are two toilets on site, one being a portaloo and the other a proper facility with running water, enabling you to fill you water containers for you brews (this is situated in a shed near the bungalow on the main specimen lake). There is also an amazing on site café which delivers to the bank side. They are there 7 days a week and offer fantastic food at even better prices. They visit you at your peg to take you orders for breakfast and tea and duly delivery your piping hot meal to you, collecting the monies later. You can even place you orders for the following morning breakfast to ensure you fill your belly at the earliest opportunity. You can also call them at any time should change your mind and re-quire a meal. And for those that enjoy a mighty breakfast, they don’t come much bigger or better than their premier breakfast, something I have not been brave enough to indulge in yet as I am more then filled with their regular breakfast.

    The owner of the venue (Geoff) is extremely friendly and will help you in any way he can. He regularly walks round the lakes and chats with the angler’s, so he is a fountain of knowledge whose advice should be followed at all times. He also sells his own specially made boilies of various flavours, with every kilo bag coming with a bag of pop ups included. At £10 per bag they offer great value and the opportunity to use a well established, successful bait that the carp know and like. Niger Nuts are banned as too are barbed hooks, and keep nets are for small fish only. I would advise checking before fishing as to any other restrictions.

    For the wildlife lovers amongst you, I strongly suggest taking the binoculars with you. The bird life there is wonderful, with Coots, Moorhens, Geese and Mallards active all day long on the lakes, with many species of wild birds regularly paying visits to the lakes. At dusk the bats can be seen as their silhouettes flash against the night sky as they swoop about feeding. I have seen shrews and field mice scurrying around of an evening and heard many other rummaging through the undergrowth.

    All in all I can not recommend Marchamley pools enough, fantastic fishing, with monsters to hunt, wonderful scenery and wildlife, hearty food delivered to you at bank side, friendly owner and staff, with all this at extremely good prices. You can fish for 24 hours for £15 and a bargain £20 for 48 hours fishing or just a days fishing for £5 . I will be paying this venue many visits this coming summer in my pursuit of the biggest, you will hopefully be see the pictures of these on the forum.

    View of the main lake from the Bridge end

    Night approaching

    The Bridge

    Sunset at Marchamley

    Gorgeous 16lb 5oz Common from main pool

    Main pool

    Match pool

    Top specimen pool

    Top pool again

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    Re: Marchamley Pools

    Post by david.l.mufc on Sat May 26, 2012 10:59 pm

    Looks a very nice place and for £20 for 48hrs!!!! Now that's value for money Wink

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